Educating Teen Drivers Since 1952

2018 - 2019
IHSCDEA Board of Directors

Executive Board | Regional Representatives | Standing Committee Chairs

Brent Johnston
Hinsdale Central H. S.

Deb Twenhafel
Burlington Central H. S.

Region 1 Director
Richard Lopez

Kennedy H. S. 

Region 2 Director
Todd Fenchel
Zion–Benton H. S.

Region 3 Director
Don McKillip

Lockport H. S

Region 4 Director
Dave Stoltz
Rockford Auburn & East H. S.

Region 5 Director
Joel Zaiser
Onieda ROWVA H. S.

Region 6 Director
Neal Roach
Tri-Valley H. S.

Region 7 Director
Brian Schwarzentraub
Mahomet-Seymour H. S.

Region 8 Director
Barb Heitka
Charleston H. S.

Region 9 Director
Jennifer Brown
Gillespie H. S.

Region 10 Director
Rick Grunert
Herrin H. S.

State Workshop Director
Asst. Webmaster
Steve Scott

Legislative Action Co-Chair
Brent Johnston

Corporate Members & Exhibitors
Paul Cram

Journal Editor
Open Position

Terri Biggs

Secretary of State Representative
Brian Tamblin

Secretary of State Representative
Donna Bilski

Illinois State Board of Education
Jennifer Jonas

Curriculum Committee - Chair
Teacher of the Year - Chair
Dr. Dale Ritzel

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Chris Wingate
2018-2019 President

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