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Beginning in the fall of 2017, the IHSCDEA began offering professional development courses for its members; the program is named; IHSCDEA-TEACHER ENDORSEMENT PROGRAM. These courses will be offered throughout the entire year and will lead student candidates towards the successful completion of the Illinois State Board of Education endorsement in Driver Education. Details

The IHSCDEA has partnered with University of St. Francis, College of Education  to provide Driver Education courses for educators interested in pursuing a Driver Education endorsement. Candidates benefit from a combination of asynchronus online learning and the face-to-face instructional support of an experienced educator/mentor in the area where they teach or live.

This program has a hybrid instructional format including traditional face-to-face classroom instruction, laboratory instruction, field studies, and behind-the-wheel (BTW) teaching instruction. Online distance education components, Driving Simulation and Multiple Car Driving Range instruction, and teaching evasive driving techniques will also be included in the coursework.


Illinois Public High School Driver Education Teacher Requirements:

To receive an endorsement in Safety and Driver Education, the following criteria must be met:
An applicant must hold a Professional Educators License (PEL) and the meet the additional requirements listed below:

An endorsement in safety and driver education shall be issued when the applicant provides evidence of having completed 18 semester hours of college credit in the field, as posted on the individual's official transcript defined by the institution offering the coursework, distributed as follows:

  1. 3 semester hours in injury prevention or general safety;

  2. 9 semester hours in driver education that include:
        A.   Driving task analysis (introduction to driver education);
        B.   Teaching driver education in the classroom;
        C.   Teaching the laboratory portion of the driver education course,
               including on-street teaching under the supervision of a qualified driver education teacher,
               advanced driver education, and emergency evasive driving maneuvers; and

  3. 6 semester hours chosen from at least (2) of the following areas:
        A.    First aid
        B.    Psychology of adolescents or young adults;
        C.    Any safety-related issue relevant to driver education;
        D.    Advanced driver education in the use of simulation and multiple car programs;
        E.    Health and wellness;
        F.    Care and prevention of injuries;
        G.    Issues related to alcohol or drug abuse; or
        H.    Driver education for students with disabilities.

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