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Fall 2017 Course Offerings
OEDM 5019 - Principles of Accident Prevention (General Safety)
Principles of Accident Prevention exams the history, philosophy, and procedures of safety and accident prevention with emphasis on areas related to physical activity, athletics, household, industrial, workplace, school and traffic safety. This course will be taught predominantly online with support of mentors assigned geographically.

Spring 2018 Course Offerings
OEDM 5020 is a prerequiste for OEDM5021, OEDM5022 & OEDM5023.

OEDM 5020 - Driver Task Analysis (Introduction to Driver Education)
Driver Task Analysis forms the backbone of the curriculum, administration, legal, organizational, financial and procedural aspects of Driver Education. This course will prepare prospective Driver Education teachers to develop, maintain and evaluate existing as well as new program designs.

OEDM 5021 - Methods of Teaching Driver Education Classroom
This classroom methods course contains two major objectives: one concentration of the clinical aspects and methods of teaching Driver Education in the classroom, and the development of strategies, content and materials, using a variety of instructional methods.

Summer 2018 Course Offerings
OEDM 5022 - Methods of Teaching Driver Education Behind the Wheel
This course examines methods for delivering a sequential in-vehicle phase of a Driver Education program. Includes program organization, route and lesson design, instructional delivery methods, verbal cues, and assessment of behind-the-wheel lessons in a dual controlled vehicle. Additionally, this course will also require the Teacher Endorsement candidate to be present for in-car observation and hands-on experience.

OEDM 5023 - Methods of Teaching Simulation/Range
This course examines the methods for delivering the Simulation and Range phase of Driver Education. Includes Simulation and Range program organization, development, design, scheduling and teaching strategies and techniques. This course will also require the Teacher Endorsement candidate to be present for field experience at a school that has simulation and range instruction.


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