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There is much work to be done on these curriculum resources at this time. The Illinois information shows a start in the direction the modules & resources are taking. Please check back in the future as updates and changes in each of the items below will be occurring.

The Illinois Driver Education Curriculum will eventually be on a DVD available for distribution to all Illinois High School Driver Education Programs. Currently the finalized modules & resources are not yet available in DVD distribution.

Illinois Curriculum Modules
Updated 11-6-2013

Illinois Driver Education Curriculum Guide, Ver. 1.0

IHSCDEA Google Folder (Assorted Presentations & Resources)

Module 1
Uniting Driver and Vehicle


Module 6
Risk Reducing Strategies for High Speed Roads & Expressways

Driving on Expressways
Expressway Driving


Module 2
Knowing Where you Are


  -  Basic Maneuvers
  -  Parallel Parking Skills
  -  Parallel Parking


Module 7
Personal Factors Influencing Operator Performance

  Aggressive Driving & Road Rage
  -  Caffeine Intoxication
  -  Road Range & Aggressive Driving
  -  Speeding

Module 3
You are in Control

Traffic Signs, Signals, Pavement Markings
Work Zone and Maintenance Zone Safety


Module 8
Environmental Conditions That Affect Safe Vehicle Operation

  Adverse Conditions
Bueno Zone Relating to Winter Driving
Winter Driving Exam

Module 4
Searching & Scanning

Driving and Mobility Visual Skills
  -  Front Zone Lesson
  -  SIPDE Process
  -  SIPDE System
  -  SIPDE Guided Notes
  -  SIPDE Handout
  -  Speed
  -  The Smith System
  -  Visual Perception Capabilities
Exit Exam Key - Module 4


Module 9
Vehicle Malfunctions & Accident Reporting

Systems and Driving Checks
What Would You Do?


Module 5
You Control the Intersection


Module 10
Putting it all Together

Model Habit Review Activity (Oregon)

Excellent videos/information/research
you might want to consider using in your driver education classes


Drowsy Driving Resource

Video Safety Tip: Understanding the Zipper Merge

July 18, 2016

Nearly 80% of Motorists Express Anger on the Road

July 14, 2016

Preventing Tire Blowouts in the Summer Heat

July 2016


Additional Classroom Resources (Illinois)

Driver Education for Illinois Youth - 1972

Driver Education for Illinois Youth Unit of Instruction - 1975

Chapter 16 - PPT
Team Project Guide
Teacher Guide Curriculum Framework - PPT
Distracted Driving - PPT
Share the Road With Bicycles - PPT
Group Project Guide - Word Doc
Group Project Rubric - Word Doc

Faces for Speed - PPT
Driving Scene Analysis - PPT
Interstate Driving 1
Winter Driving Test
 - Word Doc
Driving Zone Video Clips 10th Edition Drive Right
Driving Zone Video Clips 11th Edition Drive Right
Driving Zone Video Clips Responsible Driving

Parent Night Files (Illinois)

50 Hour Certificate
Parent/Teen Driving Guide
Parent Consent Form
Parent Night Driving Contract

Andrew HS. Parent/Student Night
Herrin H. S. Parent Night
Lake Park H. S. Parent Night

Do As I Say Video



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