What is the IHSCDEA Hall of Fame?

A bit of history is in order for some of our members who were not around when we began this Association back in 1952.  The IHSCDEA has a group of distinguished individuals recognized for their commitment and dedication to Illinois Driver Education and Traffic Safety since our inception in 1952.  For a number of years we called this elite group of individuals Honorary Life Members.  The Board of Directors decided a number of years ago to change the name of this group to the IHSCDEA Hall of Fame.
Possible candidates are nominated for their accomplishments and dedication by any current association member at the Fall Workshops throughout the state each year.  A committee of Board Members and current Hall of Fame members evaluate all the candidates submitted to determine if they meet the criteria established by our association. 

A candidate's name and resume must be submitted to the Chairman of the Hall of Fame Committee by February 15 of the year prior to the upcoming Spring Conference.

The Hall of Fame Committee recommends possible candidates to the Board of Directors at the in the spring. The board then votes on the individual for induction at the Annual Conference each spring.

Send nominations to:

The Hall of Fame Committee at this Link.
Hall of Fame Nomination Guidelines maybe helpful in completing this process.

IHSCDEA Hall of Fame Inductees
1952 - Present

Recipient's Name
Dr. James Aaron
Southern Illinois University
Jim Artese
Chicago Public Schools
Dr. Tom Baba
Highland Park High School
David M. Baker
Lyons Township H. S.
Dr. Robert Bates
Eastern Illinois University
Terri Biggs
Neogo H. S.
Dan Bolin
Eastern Illinois University
Harold Boyd
Oak Park River Forest High School
Frank Bridges
Southern Illinois University
Dr. Ronald Budig
Illinois State University
Don Byrom
State Board of Education
Charles Carpentier
Secretary of State
Eugenia Chapman
State Rep. - Arlington Heights
Earl Anderson
State Board of Education
James Churchill
State Board of Education
Sam Clemente
Chicago Public Schools
Paul Cram
Washington H. S.
William Cushman
Ralph Duke
Lake Park H.S.
Dick Eckert
Elk Grove H. S.
Gov. Jim Edgar
State of Illinois
Harvin Cook
ISBE & Wapella H. S.
Tom Enright
Melvin Esarey
New Trier H. S.
Dr. A Florio
University of Illinois
Harrison Fuller
Mascoutah H. S
Victor Giovannini
Maine Township H. S.
Scott Cumming
Downers Grove South H. S.
Patricia Fix-Greene
Keller Convention Center
Dr. Frank Gruber
Northern Illinois University
Glen Harjes
Canton High School
Warren Hastings
Bumpa-Tell, Inc.
Charles Hayes
State Rep. - Chicago
Ralph Heinz
Belleville East H.S.
Mike Hionis
Chicago Public Schools
Tom Holsen
Maine Township H.S.
Warren Huffman
University of Illinois
Ed Johnson
Chicago Public Schools
Margaret "Micky" Johnson
Glenbrook North H.S.
Brent Johnston
Hinsdale Central H.S.
Debra Fleck
Secretary of State's Office
Dr. Norman Key
ADTSEA & Univ. of Central Missouri
Dr. Frank Kenel
Illinois State University
Dan Klienfeldt
Oak Park River Forest H.S.
Mark Gruca
Andrew H. S.
Raymond Kracik
Lake Forest H.S.
Dick Lemoine
Morton H.S.
Gordon Linquist
Chicago Motor Club & NHTSA
Allen Lucas
State Representative - Springfield
Edward Klamm
Allstate Insurance
John Minerick
Maine Township H.S.
Wayne Anderson
Secretary of State
Dr. Amos Neyhart
Penn State Univesity
Vernon Nichol
State Supt. Of Public Instruction
Edward O'Farrell
Chicago Public Schools
Richard Ovington
Chicago Public Schools
Mason Minnes
Urban H.S.
Warren Quensel
Illinois State University
Dr. Harlan Riebe
Eastern Illinois University
Dr. Dale Ritzel
Southern Illinois University
Allen Robinson
John Papa
Lake Park H.S.
Charles Saieva
Chicago Public Schools
Carl Magsamen
Maine Township H.S.
Steve Scott
Lakes Community H.S.
Gov. George Ryan
State of Illinois
Dan Shannon
Southern Illinois University
Matthew Sielski
Chicago Motor Club
Raymond Smith
Moline H.S.
Ronald Stopka
Lincolnway H.S.
Janet Strader-Oval
State Board of Education
James Smilgoff
Chicago Public Schools & ISBE
Debra Twenhafel
Burlington H.S.
William Stratton
32nd Governor of Illinois
Dr. S.C. Staley
University of Illinois
Roger Voigt
Elk Grove H.S.
Frank Svarc
Chicago Board of Education
Judy Weber-Jones
Gibson City-Melvin-Sibley H.S.
C.E. Welch
Springfield South East H.S.
SOS - Jesse White
Illinois Secretary of State
Larry Williams
Country Financial
George Mathis
James Witmer
Maine East H.S.

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