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Ø  Most Metro facilities are going to have scheduling of appointments as of September 10th. Check out the link below to our website.


Ø  THERE IS A SCAM ALERT. Follow the link below for more information.



New NEWS –

·       If you give the written test in paper format, you have to return it to us.

o   A driver education endorsed instructor must give/monitor the written testing

o   Make sure that the student’s name, school code and date are on the answer sheet in the upper right hand corner

o   Place in an envelope and drop it off at the facility

o   Never let any of our test paperwork leave the classroom with a student



·       If your driver’s license expires, you will not be able to access the DEI or IWAS.

·       If you need to change information on a printed application, make the change in ink on the application and put a sticky note on the application so the facility can make the change.

·       BTW course hours are 6 hours of behind the wheel and 6 hours of observation

·       If you have a new instructor in the car with your students, make sure that ISBE is notified

·       If your school would like to be able to offer the CDTP Waiver to your students, please contact me




·       You can only pre-fill a blank application in these areas only:

o   Application for “Instruction Permit”

o   T/A – “1”

o   T/L – “4”

o   Class – “D”

o   School Code – “0XXX”


·       Your students need to put in their full first name/full middle name/full last name

o   If they have 2 first, middle or last names and the system will not accept it, run them together, put a post it on the application and we will correct it

Example: Smith Jones - SmithJones

·       If you have Twins (of the same gender), PLEASE paperclip them together with a post it on the applications

(Your fellow instructors can verify just how much confusion is created for the students, yourselves, ISBE and us when we don’t know that they are twins.)

·       Print the applications in BLACK Ink (it’s cheaper) and in Landscape format

·       Parents and students must sign in BLACK Ink only

·       If you give the student a blank application to bring in to us, please complete the information in the lower left – Student name and school info  (Student should complete their portion before coming to the facility)

·       If the application is distorted or blurry, we will have to return it.

o   i.e., - Making a copy of a copy will distort the form

·       If you have a student who is over the age of 18, they must come into the facility to obtain a permit

·       If they do not have a social security number, please call and we can guide you




If you have any questions, issues, or need any assistance, please call or email me at the number below. You can also contact Brian Tamblin at 217-782-2952 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Hope to see you at the fall workshops.


Donna Bilski
Illinois Secretary of State - Driver Services

CDTP Coordinator – Metro Area
17 N. State St. - Suite 1100
Chicago, IL  60602
312-814-2974 (fax)

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